In the summer of 2017 Chelsea Amber felt unsure of God’s purpose in giving her a voice to sing. In the midst of this search for musical meaning, she felt affirmed in her calling to be an encourager. Music is the means to that end. She began writing devotional blogs to send encouragement to her email subscribers, having no idea it would lead to writing a devotional book. Writing these devotionals strengthened her faith as she remembered God’s faithfulness in her past. We pray that it does the same for you.


As you go through each devotional and read the verses of the day, you can write down your prayers and respond to the questions. If you don’t have a journal, feel free to print off the devotional and write in the space provided.


May God remind you of His goodness and love, and may He give you strength for the journey ahead. In Him, we can find the courage to “Face the Waves.”


About the e-book:

  • 14 days of encouragement as Chelsea shares stories of God's faithfulness.
  • PDF document, 35 pages
  • Space to write your thoughts and prayers
  • This book soon be updated to a 21-day e-book. The expanded edition will automatically be sent to your email inbox at no extra charge.


Once the purchase is complete, you will be taken to a download page. You will also receive an email with a link to access your downloadable songs.

Face the Waves Devotional E-Book

  • PDF

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