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Our Trip to Colombia

My husband Nate Savage and I put together a vlog from our recent trip to Colombia with Compassion Canada to see firsthand the work that is being done to fight global poverty and release children from poverty in Jesus' Name. It was amazing to see local churches making a massive difference in their communities. On a personal level, it was a great reminder that dreams and goals for the future are important.

Here's part 1 where we got to visit a child survival program focused on helping babies and mothers:

Our Colombia trip vlog continues with part 2, focused on school-aged children.

I loved seeing how EVERY type of poverty is confronted. Poverty isn't just physical. It is also mental, socio-emotional and spiritual. It comes with a set of lies that tells people their situation is hopeless and they are worthless. Not only are these children being taken care of physically, they are growing in confidence, breaking down those lies and getting an education.

I was also blown away by how many jobs are being created for the adults in the community too!

The final part of our trip (and vlog) was spent with an amazing group of talented teenagers working toward their dreams. Then we got to take some children to the beach for the first time. Lastly, we visited the Compassion Colombia office to chat with the folks who are working behind the scenes.⁠

Overall this trip has left me excited for what God is doing through local churches across the globe. Excited to be part of a cause bigger than myself. Excited to invite people to join in a larger story. Excited to see children and families released from poverty in Jesus' Name!⁠

For more information and to begin sponsoring a child, visit (Canada) or (United States).


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