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Who is God?

Whenever I hear this quote it always makes me stop and reflect. I was reminded of it again last Sunday during Central Heights Church's online service and took this screenshot from the sermon.

I think this quote is true even if you don't believe in God. What we believe about God (or if we've elevated something else as a god in our lives: self, money, family, significance, etc.) informs our thinking, motives, and worldview. And those inner thoughts determine our words and actions, which affect our decisions, relationships, and life direction. They're all linked.

As a Christian, I believe that the Bible is the ultimate source of Truth about who God is. This quote reminds me of the importance of reading the Bible and praying regularly.

I'm not speaking as someone who's mastered biblical knowledge, but as a fellow student who still has a long way to go in learning about God. I am thankful for His patience as I grow in this area.

Lord, help us gain a deeper understanding of who You are!


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